I think we’ll see something of a forced rebirth of the Republican party if they lose the general…

The Tea party and its funding were to create a bigger tent for a grifting criminal enterprise, creating diversion by corralling hate and ignorance to swell the herd.

Now comes the reckoning. Both parties have to quit fudging and come out of their respective closets if they want to remain relevant. Outliers rising deflates the centres.

Years of conducted choice between bad and worse have poisoned trust.

Since Nixon the Republicans have been appalling. Trump takes this trend to its logical conclusion.

Since Carter Democrats have been triangulating, third-waying stooges, leading to an equally logical conclusion, be it this election or the next (if that privilege still exists) to outliers like Sanders.

No-one on the political horizon can afford to be beholden any more unless it be to unmodulated public will.

Che sarà, sarà.