The Zen of Ice Cold Showers
Piotr Prosol

When I was 18 and a very confused person, I had a very strange compulsion to take freezing baths. No-one suggested it, it emerged from my own unconscious in a harsh but firm manner, there was no question in my desperate mind but to follow it’s demand, I literally felt no choice in the matter. Considering that before it demanded I but on my grandfather’s cavalry boots and just walk through the London night till I’d get picked up by the police, cold baths seemed like an improvement! It used to take me 5 minutes to submerge fully, every sense screaming in protest, but it stopped the (extreme) craziness, and I will be forever grateful. Since then (1969) I have read up on the subject and what astonishing cures it’s provided in cases abandoned by medicine as incurable. There’s a man called Wim Hof (sp?) who teaches this and has a FB group with folks sending in pics and progress reports.

I still hate cold water, but having to force my will into action those times saved me, and I encourage others to try it.

A great way to get out of a comfort (or discomfort) zone rut!

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