A human seeking nostalgia ways in digital.

Digital does not have to be the only draw card for places, but the burgeoning issue is that we are becoming dependent on it. I find as time goes by, I perform more and more searches digitally than in analogue. So, have I lost touch with the physical world? Some people would like to think so. The answer is no. What most people do not know about me, is that I like to challenge myself physically. I have been working on telling time manually. In Australia, by placing 4 fingers under the setting sun it means you have 45 minutes before it goes down. In Japan, when the sun has set it means 4pm.

When I am not pursuing personal goals, I would set myself work goals. I would like to see the digital and physical world meet in the middle.

Many of the patrons I have come across find the catalogue to be a foreign beast. A few patrons are fine with searching using text, while many are not. The catalogue does not offer an option for people to gaze at search results in grid format or flick-able style. Also, catalogues are not searchable using voice command protocol.

I have seen a few libraries offer top 10 books on display on big television screens, but often the screen has frozen. It is 2018, shouldn’t we be working at the mobile device level of searching: single sign on, big text, offer quick action buttons, and familiar icons. I yearn for the ability to flick through a library catalogue and seeing B6 size book covers. Which would make me delve a little deeper.