Walking on a tight rope

Melly Tango
Nov 26 · 1 min read

A lot goes through your mind when you are preparing to switch from one team to the next. There is a great of material you want to handover to someone to be the next caretaker of a service or collection. But what happens when there is no one there to catch the baton? I am learning the art of “letting go” of what was once my responsibility and leaving it to management to decide the fate of a small collection.

The first stage is simple: admit defeat; one cannot perpetually barrage meetings with how the collection will be neglected and demand clarity as to who will be response for managing it.

The second stage is leave behind a trail, write a brief training document and save it to the shared drive. So anyone can find it if they want to rediscover how things were once managed in the past.

The third stage is focus on what sort of training I will need to perform well in my next role.

Somehow, it feels like one step forward and two steps back.

Melly Tango

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