How to choose gold chains for men

If you are looking for gold chains for men then you will of courses want a huge range to choose from and the certification to prove your chain is authentic. Whatever the occasion finding the right chain in the right size doesn’t have to be difficult. The first thing you will want to consider is what karat to go for. 14 is the most purchased type of gold chains for men purchased in America because of its durability and appearance. Of course all genuine chains will have a special stamp which proves that it is the material it is sold as.

Choosing the length

Selecting the right length of gold chains for men is dependent on whether you want to chain to come up to your upper chest or longer down. The most popular is the 18 inch, however if you want to go for more of a choker length then 16 inch would be a better option. For longer chain lengths select the 24 or 30 but also be aware that wearing longer chains day to day could pose a hazard so saving them for best is a better option.

Do you want to add a charm?

If you want to add any type of pendant or charm then ensure that the chain is strong enough to hold it without being overpowering taking the limelight from the charm. Box and Wheat gold chains for men are the best option if you want to add something to the chain.

Chain clasp options

There are a few different types of clasps with the most common being the lobster and spring ring. The spring ring type clasp is not as strong as the lobster so if you want to ensure you don’t lose your chain through breaking the clasp go for the lobster style for longevity.

Will the chain cause an issue if I forget to take it off before bed?

Whether you want to keep your gold chains for men on day and night so you always know where it is, or occasionally fall asleep forgetting you’re still wearing it then you need to think about whether the chain is likely to break should you roll onto it. The best types of chains to go for are curb links, mariner, wheat and Cuban if the chances are you are going to sleep in them because they are highly durable so you won’t wake the next morning with a damaged chain. Rope and box chains should be avoided.

Will the chain catch on my skin or hair?

Whatever the type of gold chains for men you choose you won’t want to damage your clothing or the skin of yourself or someone else through wearing it. Opt for smoother chains to avoid problems later down the line as the last thing you want is to end up scratching your friends and family if you go in for a hug. When it comes to getting caught in hair you will need to avoid thinner smaller chains if you don’t fancy losing a chunk of it. Medium to thick chains are unlikely to get caught in your hair and are a better option.