Snooze is no longer an option

Photo credit: Flickr user debsilver

You know how at the end of every year, especially recently, we say “good riddance to 2016,” “2015 was the worst year ever,” etc.? And we enter into the New Year filled with hope for a better year. It is my hope that 2017 teaches us something different.

Maybe 2017 isn’t the year that we try to forget as soon as it’s over. Maybe 2017 is the year we wake up. We wake up to the fact that our (universal our) years aren’t going to get better until we make them better. Until we take action, until we offer our time, resources, skills, and gifts to something bigger than ourselves.

I think 2017 is literally a wake-up call to many of us. Some of us have been outraged and horrified at what is happening in our world for a long time. Some of us haven’t woken up yet. Some of us are waking up now. Because I can assure you of this: not everything that is happening in this world will affect you directly, but something will. If it hasn’t yet, it will.

For many of us, the alarms have already gone off. We are realizing there is no snooze button on these alarms. We need to wake up, get up, and take action. For those of you whose alarms haven’t gone off yet, maybe you can wake up before they start blaring. Because, regardless of what “time” are alarms are set, we all need to wake up. We all need to get up. We all need to take action so that we can start lowering the volume on these alarms, with the hope that we can eventually turn them off.

You may be awake, but living through the snooze button. You may be awake, but overwhelmed by the piercing alarms that woke you up. Let’s wake up — fully — and face the world head-on, acknowledging the alarms, listening to the alarms, and working to lower the volume and eventually silence the alarms. Before it’s too late. Before we don’t get to wake up anymore. Just as you try to do things to make waking up easier — going to bed earlier, exercising, buying a new bed, etc. — let’s do things to help the collective alarms going off everywhere. Let’s help us all wake up and take action. Because, I promise you this, “sending thoughts and prayers” to alarms won’t make them any less louder or easier. It takes action. From all of us.

Ignoring alarms won’t turn them off. Ignoring alarms won’t silence them. Snoozing alarms only puts it off for a short time. Answer the alarm! Wake up and fight!

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