On learning how to draw digitally illustrating 100 musicians

I recently participated in #The100DayProject illustrating 100 musicians from the 1920s to 2010s.

I’m a product designer who dabbles in music on the side. I chose music as a way to keep my interest high throughout the project blending my love for music history and digital design.

You can see the illustrations set to music and more @melsmithdesign.

Recovery from trauma is not a straight path.

I’m a product designer interested in helping individuals lead healthier lives. I participated in HackMentalHealth’s mental health hackathon to explore the ways in which technology can be used to improve mental health. I also wanted to learn what hackathons are all about (first-timer)!


In this post, I’ll discuss:

  • Hack Mental Health (HMH), an organization bringing together leaders in mental health and technology
  • Trove, a recovery community for survivors of sexual assault
  • Our team’s hackathon process


This past weekend, HackMentalHealth hosted Hack Mental Health x UCSF 2019. There were 500+ participants and 61 hackathon teams.

Our hackathon team consisted of 6…

I’m passionate about products and services that enable individuals to live healthier lives. I conducted a usability study as a way to dive deeper into the world of behavior change, and as an exercise to help me improve as a designer.


My goals were to:

  1. Understand and identify usability issues in the MyFitnessPal iOS application through user research
  2. Create and validate potential design solutions
  3. Communicate my thinking and process
  4. Learn more about the most popular health tracking application

I used a variety of design techniques to categorize and improve user pain points and was able to demonstrate a significant increase…

Mel Smith Habibian

Product designer making the complex simple. Currently @MetaLab | melisasmith.com

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