17th May, 2017. 1956hrs.

I’m sitting at the table of my bunk. Listening to some classic local pop-punk music from this band called the Morning Martians. Listening to their music, I’ve come to realise why they’re so popular.

First off, their music is just sick. Like really. Words can’t describe their music. It’s unique, it’s relatable, their utilisation of their talents and so on. It’s like an orchestra of pop-punk. I love that.

Secondly, their songs have meaning. In a sense that the songs are most probably derived from personal experience and a lot of us have had the same experiences. To listen to a song that we can relate to, obviously gets a lot of listeners. Because it gives people hope, it lets them realise that they are not alone. To know that these rock stars have gone through what you’ve been through and to see that they’re still standing where they are right now despite their struggles gives people hope.

Lastly, their persona as a band has been set. They’ve an identity that a lot of people know. They’re able to stand out from other bands. They’ve a lot of energy and it just makes their shows a lot more entertaining.

These pointers, are something I’ve been trying to work towards with my own band. We’ve got the lyrics part of the pointers down. We just have to work on the rest. And guess what? My next show is in 3 weeks time. Wew. We got a lot of work to do I guess. But I’m confident we can do well. We just have to work hard and believe in ourselves.

17th May, 2017. 0810hrs.

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