28th February 2017. 2036hrs.

First off I just want to say I’m a really bad writer but I’m doing this because I was thinking “Why not express myself here since I don’t really have anyone to share to anyway” so yeah. Here I am about to share about some things that have been going on lately in my life.

First off,

I enlisted into the 3rd Battalion, Singapore Guards on the 13th of May, 2016. I was part of the physical training batch(PTP) and my army journey started off from there. I came in with a goal in mind and that was to earn the right to be called “Guardsman Warrior”. For those of you who don’t know, Guardsmen are the elite infantry in the Singapore Armed Forces. You can say we’re like the US Marine Corps except we’re not a branch on our own, we’re still part of the army. We specialise in Sea, Air and land operations which makes us a versatile force and we act as the spearhead of the army when it comes to operations. When the infantry fails, we don’t and we pride ourselves on that. In fact, we are often perceived as arrogant and I don’t disagree to that because we are the elite. And you can’t be elite without that arrogance and belief in yourself to accomplish the toughest training and missions the SAF can throw at you.

//”Victorious Battalion, Elite Warriors” never would I have thought that I would serve in this unit and vocation but I was elated to have a chance to be called an “elite warrior”.//

Anyway, yes. I enlisted into the army and I won’t lie, the army was tougher than I thought and I had doubts whether I could complete my training to become a Guardsman. I came in with a mindset. A mindset that involved kicking-ass during every training and being the best soldier I could be. However, things don’t always turn out the way they’re supposed to be and I certainly got a taste of that. I felt like I wasn’t performing the way I dreamed and I was surprised I found myself shaking my head when the training got tougher and tougher and thoughts of giving up kept nagging my brain to quit. That was never part of the plan. But thank God I never gave up and I became stronger along the way. However, I was disappointed when I failed to get the “Company best” or “Platoon best” award during basic training but hey, I got a consolation prize and that was my 2IC(2nd-in command) appointment. Which would play a huge part in my development when we reached the Guards training phase.

//A bright smile on my face knowing I made it through basic training//

I was appointed as 2IC of 9th platoon, section 1 under my Section commander, 3rd Sergeant(3SG) Crispian Wong and i had mixed feelings about it. I was happy as I had a chance to be a leader and I was among the first in line to get my promotion to Lance Corporal(LCP) which meant a higher chance of attaining the highest rank for the enlisted men in the SAF, Corporal First Class(CFC). The downside was, I had to learn the job of a 3SG whilst being paid like an enlisted man and I had to learn real quickly unlike the 3SG’s who had 6 months to train. I had a lot of ups and downs being a 2IC but eventually I pulled through scoring good remarks during our Mission exercises and I learned to cope with the expectations and pressure that’s placed on me to get things done. It made me a better leader for sure.

//Look. I’m officially a Guardsman warrior. Heh.//

I’m learning a lot as my time passes here in Bedok camp II and never would I have thought that I’d make it this far. Serving in the army and as a Guardsman has definitely made me a stronger person and a better leader but that’s just the tip of the surface. I’m already 10 months down and I have 15 more to go. Time has flown real fast since I first donned my Jockey cap for the first time and I certainly hope my remaining time here will be more fruitful. After all, you do it not because you hate what’s in front of you, but because you love what’s behind you.

//Looking like a veteran already. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah no. Not yet.//

28th February 2017. 2102hrs.



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