First story,

I read a lot of people stories here.

So I decided to write one.

Honestly speaking, I feel totally tired lately. I’m worn out.

Let me introduce a brief about myself,

I’m currently working as an auditor in one of big 4 audit firm. And here, in my country most of company ends their accounting period on December 31. So yeah, I’ve been busy since last November.

And because my group is specialized in Japanese Service Group which is most of Japanese company closing period is on March 31.

I have no break at all.

Then I started asking about this whole concept of my life.

I believe no one will say working is easy. Some of them will definitely working is exhausting.

I am okay with the tiresomeness.

But I’m not okay with the stresses and pressures and deadlines and lack of sleeping time.

It feels like combo that will make me die anytime soon.

Sometimes I feel like tripping on stairs so I can have excuse to not go working. But of course, I never do it.

It’s just I feel sucks inside.

I want to have another life aside from working.

But, I keep questioning myself. I’m going to be 25 years old this year.

And I just have 1 year and 3 months working experience. So inexperience.

Can I start my career in another path?

I’m pretty scared to start all over again.

So I keep reading some motivational articles here.

Somehow I want to get the positive influence from the positive articles.

I want to get the courage.