Eat Well | Mobile App Design Case Study

Eat Well App Cover Image with Fruit and Flowers

The Process


Eat Well Competitior Analysis
Primary competitors based on competitor analysis
Important quotes from in-depth interviews
In-depth interview quotes — significant findings
  1. How could we make grocery shopping easier for those restricting their diets, especially for those with health concerns?
  2. How could we provide more insight into how ingredients will affect their bodies to help build confidence and remove fear of eating?


Cindy starts the affinity diagram
Cindy starting the affinitization process
  1. Most people are very busy and do not have the time to research every ingredient in their food. This is especially true while grocery shopping.
  2. Some users are eating the same foods over and over again because of fear of feeling sick.
  3. Users do not understand or trust nutrition labels.
  4. Users trust online reviews or reviews from friends.
Ursula is our primary user with a health condition
Primary User
Blake is our secondary user desiring to live a healthy lifestyle
Secondary User


  1. Personalized to show only information about a specific user’s diet; ability to create a personalized profile with diet restrictions
  2. Scan barcodes on food packaging and quickly show whether food is good or bad for their diet
  3. Provide pre-generated, “safe” grocery lists based on their unique diet
  4. Ability for users to create custom grocery lists and receive food suggestions
  5. Ability to leave comments after trying new foods as a way to track their symptoms and reactions or read reviews from those with similar health issues
We used the I Like, I Wish, What If method for ideation
Miro Digitized I Like, I Wish, What If Ideation
Eat Well Site Map
Site Map of Primary Features


Eat Well Sketches
From L-R: scan and search nutritional info, grocery lists, onboarding personalization, home screen
Eat Well Wireframes
From L-R: onboarding personalization, scan, nutritional information/reviews, grocery lists, home screen
Style Guide — greens with orange accents, friendly fonts
Eat Well Style Guide
Onboarding GIF
Scan and view nutrition GIF

[Front-End Development]

Wireflow Prototype
Webflow Prototype
  • Automated grocery lists based on personal dietary needs and preferences
  • Allow users to input information for unknown items to grow food database
  • Enhance the scan feature by allowing users to scan a list of ingredients with needing a barcode
  • Expand Eat Well outside the U.S. with the addition of international foods
  • Partner with food brands or grocery stores to market their products within our app / shop feature



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