I love word recipes, they fascinate me. It is kind of ingredients for quick design. Take two very strong images that do not go together and suddenly KA-BLAMMO!!! Sparks igniting in the synapses of your brain while your neural fire brigade is being summoned.

BUT!… I don’ t mean true opposites, like Fire and Ice, these tropes are regularly played out, you end up with water as a result, that is too quick an answer, we are going deeper here, more jarring.

Life is not about finding answers, its about learning how to ask the question that no one has the answers to yet. You do not need the answer even. The magic left in this world is the stuff you cant quite describe, but breaths life into imagination.

Take my handle on Twitter and Instagram;


People every once in a while ask me, ‘what the hell is that supposed to even mean ?’ but most just pass it off as me being eccentric… which I most certainly am (more commonly known as being awkward), however when people do inquire, my response is that I wanted to create something that is really hard to picture or define. We have become such passive consumers of content, that we skim so carelessly over words and content now that, as a result we need to cause;

braking for the brain

Interesting book on us being such shallow readers is;

Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains


EQUALS = Me (Or what ever conclusion you’ve come to yourself)

Laughter is a response to funny things, and melting is deformed, decaying, and destructive imagery. I suppose a quick go to would be manic laughter , how would a laugh (a sound) be melted? What do sounds sound like when melted?

Example: The sound of a melting cassette tape (remember them)

It is the ability for things to become mutated, to lose their structure, and transform into something beyond its original intent, but with laughter the hope was of something positive being shaped into something very different but still good. Unlike ice cream which in its whipped, semi-solid state is a pillow of creamy delight texture for our tongues. In its melted state though, it’s just a super sticky sugary milky liquid mess.*

*Baked Alaskas excluded*

The image above and its caption, is a demonstration of how we can tease out complicated thought from simple metaphors, we all know the sum of the parts is greater than anyone individual, but that alone is not enough;

Context is Ben Kingsley — Most things need a suitable environment to grow in as well as a glue. The best ice cream is just rich milk in the sun. Now stick in an igloo and now we are talking.

So why the title?

In the Defeat of none’. The whole point of it is to be difficult to understand and conceptualize. It is making you think, ask and answer questions. I want you to actively engage, and participate in the thought process. We all understand fighting for something or someone and trying be victorious for our ambitions friends or families, but what is losing for nothing supposed to mean? Maybe the act of losing is just as important as winning, but usually it comes at a loss of something you wanted, and hence you dealing with that shortcoming, but is it possible to lose without the not winning part? How powerful is it to not be afraid of losing but still wanting to win?

I’ve been Kevin Glynn and I am currently a Designer man actively trying to engage with the culture he one day hopes to help cultivate. Currently being a UX designer (My view on that title will be another post) with the goal to be a comprehensive physical interaction designer curating the experience of emerging technology.

Tune in next time…

Next post will be a hat tipped to Medium and the platform itself in relation to the Marshall Mcluhanism of

‘The medium is the message’

How format, structure and set creation tools start to write and present the content before a single thought is expressed.

Interaction Designer trying to innovate and curate experiences. Check out my portfolio kevglynn.com & a college project medium.com/@neighbourhoodnetworking