Chebesi Daphne, a Global Citizen, and Melton Fellow from Cameroon, sheds light on the devastating and pivotal need for a socio-economic shift in her Central-African country.

Cameroon, on the Gulf of Guinea, is a Central African country.

It is incredible that COVID-19 had to bring the entire world to a standstill for people to realize that certain things need to be changed.

Aside from the visible negative impacts the virus has had on the world, it is creating positive changes in many other areas. The natural environment is breathing. Families are bonding. Businesses and institutions are finding new ways of carrying out their operations which they may never have thought of before. Domestic violence is being brought to the spotlight. Above all, revolutions are happening. There is a digital revolution as so many people now operate online…

A Storytelling for Change interview by Ashitha Nayak, Melton Fellow — Bangalore, India

Tryphine Clara Dzimbanete

Tens of thousands of people have been protesting for social justice (especially for Black Americans) in the United States and beyond over the last few weeks. By now, most people know why. Or we think we know why. And yet, a large portion of India is continuing to live life every day as though it doesn’t concern us. Some have called out the hypocrisy of Indians supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. One such statement I remember reading, “Before you start lecturing everyone about Blacks and Whites, please dear Indians, look into your own backyard.”

Let’s do that, shall we…

Some of the world’s leading brands such as Google and Samsung have incorporated the design thinking approach and design thinking is being taught at some of the top universities in the world. It has found a place in most of the economic sectors and many firms have found new revenue streams through this very concept. But, at its core, what is Design Thinking? And why is it so popular? Join us as we demystify Design Thinking with Mana Taheri from the HPI School of Design Thinking.

This full interview is available across seven of the world’s leading podcasting platforms. Catch the podcast here!

Written by Melton Fellow Li Jiale (Cashion)

Excerpt: “Once a graduate student at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, came to us and said that he used to be a student of the elementary school, where we did our teaching program. He has now has made his way out of that village into a much bigger world and the Melton Foundation played a part in his journey.

The power of a seed, despite its size, is infinite, if you take good care of it to let it sprout. A seed can turn to a tree, and then a forest to shade people, to…

Written by Melton Fellow Pablo Carillo

In conjunction with another social organization called the Innova País Foundation, Melton Fellows were seen supporting the construction of ecological and sustainable housing, with 100% recyclable materials!

The project is under the direction of Industrial Civil Engineer Glenn Martinson, who has been working on the construction of greenhouses as an alternative solution for people who want to change their lifestyle and be aware of what goes into the construction of their homes.

“This idea helps solve the housing problem that is in our country, since it can perfectly be applied in families that need…

The Asia-Pacific Urban Forum!

Reporting by Vinita Joshi

The 7th Asia-Pacific Urban Forum was a power-packed three days full of insightful discussions and hands-on sessions. Convened by the UNESCAP, it was attended by over 3000 people from all across the world. The pre-Forum Meeting of SWITCH Asia Sustainable Consumption and Production Facility on the Community of Interest on Housing brought experts from organizations working in the Sustainable Housing sector who shared their insights and research on the developments in the Asia-Pacific region, and the barriers faced for the expansion of this industry. …

Melton Fellow Kwabena Twumasi Ankrah, fourth from left

By Melton Fellow Kwabena Twumasi Ankrah

Over the Weekend, 30 brilliant college students and entrepreneurs selected from a competitive pool across Ghana 🇬🇭 met at the Kokrobite Institute for the 2019 German Institute of Business and Technology Innovation Hackathon. There were 6 teams of five innovators each assigned to come up with a disruptive yet functional solution to 6 complex global challenges. My amazing team worked on the challenge of Education which through Design Thinking and Data Science, we narrowed down to the fundamental determinant of an individual’s success or failure in life…Early Childhood Education.

By Melton Fellows Yunmei from China, and Sangeetha from India.

The HotPot podcast is the latest internetworking initiative of the Melton Foundation to bring together individuals from across boundaries to discuss issues of current affairs in their respective localities. The very first edition had S. Sangeetha, Alafia Stewart, and Shao Yunmei as the participants.

The first topic of the podcast, presented by Sangeetha, centered around the technological advancements for the benefit of the disabled community in India. Samsung, one of India’s biggest and most trusted brands has introduced two new apps; Good Vibes and Relumino. Good Vibes enables the deaf-blind…

During the Global Citizenship Conference, our Global Citizens had three exciting opportunities to learn about and experience some glorious aspects of Indian culture as part of our ‘Intercultural Capsulas’! We participated in a deeply stimulating Yoga and Meditation session, played with colors while practicing the age-old art of Rangoli, and had lots of fun competing in a friendly game of Kho-Kho!


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