For sale: baby shoes, never worn
Wailin Wong

This story warms my heart. I’ve been doing the exact same thing these past few months and trying to get rid of as much “stuff” as possible. All the junk we’ve accumulated is weighing me down.

My husband, of course, thinks I’m insane. And he’s especially perplexed by how people leave me cash under the doormat for seemingly useless items. But now I can show him proof that I’m not alone!

I started listing big items like furniture and then moved on to baby items that we no longer needed. It all sold so well!

So then I decided I might as well try getting rid of used curtains and candlestick holders. I didn’t think I’d have any takers. But I did! It’s amazing what people will drive miles for to pick up. Blows my mind every time.

By the end of summer we may not have anything left in the house.

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