The best way to visit Europe

Good idea, Europe is full of different cultures, and lifestyles. But what is the best way to visit Europe? Plane can be cheap if you want to go only into one destination.But a really cool way to travel abroad those countries: train.

Why should you travel by train?

First, it’s the best way to meet people between your destinations. While you will be waiting at the station, sitting between the wagons, you will spend few hours, playing card game, talking, sharing experiences with other travelers. And most of the time you join them to the next city, or bump into them in the next country.

Moreover what is better to visit a country, than dreaming trough the window! Train is quiet longer than plane, but European rail network is one of the best in the world, so if you got time, this is a must to do abroad Europe.

Which offer is the best for me ?

If you want to by a multi-destinations ticket, there is two option, one for European Union Citizens and one for the others.

  • The first one is Interrail : the price start at 192€ for a 10 day Pass available for more or less 30 countries. You will have all the prices on the corporate website.

A Wonderful interrail experience Video:

Same same, but different prices! The 10 day pass start at 297€. More information about the prices here.They also made a wonderful presentation video:

Those programs are much more than a simple ticket, is a famous way for youth, to visit Europe. There is a really good atmosphere on the road, in the museums, the night clubs and hostel’s kitchen, the meeting point of travelers.

So what are you waiting for, jump into the next train !

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Originally published at on July 8, 2015.

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