“Do you have the ability to experience something that comes in without doing anything about it? Other than fully experiencing it. This is the ability to allow objects to simply pass through experience is the nectar of life, consciousness is the most profound miracle, an essence, that knows that it knows that it knows.

Everything else is something, you’re conscious of. The true magic is consciousness itself from now on everywhere, you look and everything you interact with, be sure to say thank you. Paid tribute to the stars. For they are the furnaces of the universe. They have created everything for you. Can you appreciate it and understand that you didn’t do anything to deserve the trees?

The oceans? The sky. Spirituality is coming into harmony with reality with reality instead of with your personal self.”

— Mickey Singer

Mickey Singer’s new book, “Living Untethered: Beyond the Human Predicament” — goes right to the core of what is needed to be seen before we are able to access the bliss molecule that lies waiting to be found. His direct way of pointing out where the crux between happiness or of unhappiness lies — is so clearly seen. Though, it takes a lifetime to know yourself — Mickey Singer has removed our collective blindness — that has prevented us on a massive scale to be fooled for so long by the basic forces of anger, delusion and greed.

The most empowering thing you can do for your wellbeing and maturity is to allow yourself the freedom to fully feel. By learning to lean into your feelings and listen to what they have to say at the moment you’re having them opens us to the immediacy of life and offers us a chance to engage with the mystery of Being and plumb the depths of being alive. Using “Spiritual Exercises” to fuel this movement allows for growth, wonder and depth to take root.

“Living from a place of surrender” — is a “Spiritual Exercise” that is not easy to understand nor apply In its practice. From the moment you get up in the morning until you lay your head down for heavenly sleep at night — You surrender your resistance to not getting — your preferences — in everything you do. While simultaneously being aware of the inner turmoil that ruptures through you many times throughout the day when our preferences are not met.

These preferences are embedded in our very bloodstream but they are NOT the problem because the problem is in — “not seeing” their pull over us — and how this perpetuates the disturbance in our minds. This mind can be as still as a cool mountain lake once it knows how our preferences bind us.

“The great way is not difficult for those who have no preferences”.

Our preferences are what causes all the trouble and disturbance in the mind, but, you can’t NOT — not have preferences for they are the spice of life, and take shape very early in our psyche, conditioning our thoughts, emotions and what we identify with — becoming second nature to us.

In other words, they rule our lives in such a way that we don’t really “See” nor do we notice that — our likes and dislikes are closer to us than our own nose.

And yet those “sacred” likes and dislikes end up closing us off to a much deeper experience of living life, robbing us of tasting the “everyday sublime” and the unbearable lightness of being.

Trying to get “rid” of preferences is against the stream of life and will not open us up to the “inner bliss” that is bubbling to be released when we let our preferences dissipate. The act of will that tries to “get rid” of any experience that we are having reinforces the “tethering” itself and prevents the flow of our energies within us.

The act of observing this process of grabbing onto our likes and repelling our dislikes that take place continuously in us and in those around us — and without trying to fix, meddle or correct it — this is an integral part of laying the foundation for these patterns of “Like” and “ Dislike” to unravel themselves — as we go about our daily living — albeit “Consciously”…..planting the seeds that will sprout and become our destiny.




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