An Unaddressed Letter

To the future love of my life,

I cannot promise you the stars, because I am possessed of reason and intellect.
I cannot give you diamonds, for I would prefer to spend our money on more practical things.
I cannot promise you eternal happiness, because we are both human.
I cannot sing praises for you, for my voice will be lost, and I’m not much of a singer to begin with.
I cannot dance my way into your heart, because my feet are busy enough keeping me going.

What I can do is write and read, so I shall.

I can write lines and quips that rival the stars in number, if not in brilliance.
I can compose stories — adventures and romances — each a gem, and regale you with them.
I can offer brief moments of happiness everyday, with notes reminding you of my affection.
I can read to you, whether the words be mine or not, with a rhythm that causes your heart to beat in time.
I can walk alongside you as we explore realms beyond this, one in every book and story.

*Note: Wrote this in 2013, cross-posting from my account at DeviantArt (*

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