Self-serving Optimistic Dream Interpretation

Last night I dreamed, and as usual, I cannot remember much about it (I did read about lucid dreaming, but haven’t worked it out yet). One scene did stick to memory though.

I got out of a car, with a woman. I can’t remember her face now, but I remember feeling that she was rather young (certainly younger than me), but not immature. We emerged into something like a chase scene in a spy thriller. We stood around, desperately seeking some other means of escape, when we saw a taxi approaching us at speed. It skidded sideways towards us and as soon as it came to a halt, the door popped open to let us in. The woman got in first and pretty much pulled me inside. And that is where my memory of the scene ends.

Now, dream interpretation is not prognosticatory (nor is anything other than data-based models) but it’s great for building stories. So let’s break this scene down.

One: taxis. Taxis represent travel within urban environments, with the help of someone, and at a price. They may also refer to transitions of a more abstract nature but not too much so, like changes in living circumstances rather than some sort of spiritual change.

Two: the woman. Women generally represent the creative, and considering that she was younger than I was may mean that it refers to some creative skill that I have recently developed, or one that has just reached a sort of maturity.

Three: chase scene atmosphere. This may point to a general anxiety with regards to dangers that are catching up to me. There weren’t any shots being fired, so I’m not in that much danger… yet.

Four: exiting the first vehicle in the middle of a chase. Perhaps this refers to having come as far as I could with my current set of factors (i.e. skills, and so on). I don’t remember it being my choice to get out, or if I was forced out by, for example, the car breaking down.

Five: taxi approaching us at speed and allowing us entry immediately. I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a taxi that was practically begging me to ride it (if anything, we have to beg to ride). This may mean that a new path will become evident to me very soon, and it is one that would welcome me.

Putting this all together, in the context of my current situation, I come up with the following:

I am currently trying to keep myself from financial danger (i.e. being broke), but I’ve come as far as I could with my current skill set. I spend a short time (though 2 months plus is not exactly "short") in danger, leaving much of what I had and bringing only my somewhat mature creative skill with me. Fortunately, a new career path opens in front of me, one that will require significant input, but also welcomes me and promises to take me away from danger. I will not find this new path on my own; instead, someone will lead me to it, an agent perhaps, or someone who helps me develop new skills, and it will be something that is based on my creative skills.

How’s that for a self-serving optimistic interpretation?

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