Day three

The journey so far. I have learned so much from the self-learning clinic. persistence, perseverance, patience, prioritization. It has been a journey that has tested, prepared and enabled all at the same time. It has tested my ability to consume knowledge, to pick out what is important and leave out what is not. Each day been a push to unimaginable limits, each day pushing further than. I have gone to great lengths to ensure that I meet deadlines. Sleepless nights. The various blockers have been great learning points, how and when to handle issues.

A learning experience that has contributed greatly to my knowledge base in less than a week. The learning resources provided have been great, well picked out, in such a way that they created a strange balance that made it slightly easier to grasp concepts while still maintaining their depths. concepts I have come to realize would have taken much longer to learn. SLC has also introduced me to tools both good and bad. This is probably from a biased point of view. Some tools I don’t intend to stop using. Visual Studio Code is one such. I can’t even begin to imagine how i used to code without it. Others I just didn’t know I had, command prompt. The command terminal has made so many tasks easier to handle, faster. New interesting concepts i plan to explore further, TDD, Test Driven Development.

I have had the opportunity to meet a great number of people from different places with different personalities, each of them contributing, to the journey. Offering some form of motivation.

Not pointing out the physical impact the journey so far has had on me would be missing a huge factor. It got to a point I had to have reminders to switch positions or run small errands for my stretch_sake. The amount of time i have spent sleeping has been embarrassingly low.

Day three and I know, I have never wanted to be part of anything as much as I want to be part of Andela. It’s not easy, but you know what they say about easy things, easy come easy go. With each day, the more I have to work, the more energy I have to give, the more the sacrifices I have to make , the more I want to stay.

In summary, I need to get back to the clinic. :)

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