Day 1 andela bootcamp, the first task is to write a medium post on my most recent challenging learning experience. A number of things come to mind. Dancing for example, When you are young you never think about your feet. Your feet have a mind of their own. All they want to do is run, stump and probably run some more. When you grow older they loose it, their mind, they stop running , they start noticing, fancying even ,the most absurd of things(read cheap thrills),things like dancing. Who’d a thought having two left feet would be such a smack. It’s considered normal to have two feet, better, when one of them is, you know, left. I’ve never thought, not until this very moment, about having two right ones…… well that aside. You have probably guessed it by now, i have two left feet. My life has never been the same since this discovery. Living with two left feet is haaaarrrd. Mostly because they don’t go well with my dancing shoes, dancing dresses,dancing hair(this is a thing, google it) or anything dance-ish for that matter. I’ve been working on them though, trying to right one of them.

I could also talk about learning python, html,css and js but these experiences simply don’t cut it. What did though was learning how to learn. Yes, learning how to learn. Before the whole andela experience i was used to the conventional learning methods. Go to class(there’s a time table to show when) listen, notes,cram,tests,pass forget(haha). The whole andela experience so far has introduced me to a whole new learning technique/experience. Learning while implementing/building(because we build).Learning on your own.Learning FAST. You see a concept use the concept to make something. Not just anything though, something meaningful. And when it’s done the concept should be/is understood. I had to learn which resources would facilitate this kind of learning, what resources would work for me, to what extent these resources would help me achieve my goals.

In a nut shell, my most recent challenging experience was how to YOYO.. how to own my own learning.

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