Why I Became Intentionally Homeless in San Francisco
Kristin Hanes

I really question the value of comment sections given that most “readers” seem incapable of reading anything more than the headlne or skimming a paragraph before blasting the author with their holier than thou theme of the momement. Kristin didn’t compare here situation to those of people with fewer options than she has “I thought of this experience as an adventure, my boyfriend and I playing an adult game of “fort.” But many people don’t have the luxury of homelessness as some sort of game. They are truly on the streets, sleeping in tents under freeways, living in uncomfortable cars or lying on the sidewalks in the Tenderloin. In a city where so many people are forced into homelessness by explosively high rents and evictions, I was thankful I was intentionally so.” So Leslie Haddock, maybe you can use your wonderful compassion and empathy for the homeless and turn some of it toward others who are facing difficult, if perhaps not dire circumstances. Finally, I’m a former coworker of Kristin’s. Twenty of us were laid-off from our broadcasting jobs and are scrambling to find work in a market where there a now a lot of people with the same skill sets competing for very few jobs. Bravo to Kristin for having the courage to slash her expenses and have some adventures while the job market for journalists improve. But I’m sure that you dear Ms. Haddock had it all sussed out from the very start and new in your heart that Kristin is a vile young woman who is as compasssionless and you turned out to be.