To real progressives: Please do not let “writers” like this distract you or get you down.
Rachel Rowan Duggan

No, as a real progressive I have bothered to spend 30 seconds learning how our winner take all system works. I’ve had the same arguments with my friends over and over again, thankfully Sasha has told you like it is and I for one am both grateful for her courage and amazed at how cool she in when getting all the incoming fire from outraged fools. Go Sasha. Oh and by the way my progressive cred is real. While you are whinning about Sasha hurning your feelings, pragmatic people like myself fought to prevent nuclear war and for LGBT rights in the Reagan era. I would have loved to have voted for someone as progressive as Hillary, Instead I knew as a young man that I would be voting for a lot of people who weren’t perfect, but at least moved the ball in the direction I hoped to see. Guess what, pragmatism works.

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