The Power of Full Engagement

It is 10:00pm on a Friday night and the office is still bustling with people fluttering around to finish their work for the day. Was it the same a few years ago? With the rapid growth in business, the need to excel never diminishes. This, in turn, leads to investing more and more time into work. Is this the path towards achieving maximum productivity? Time management has always been a task in itself for the busy businessman. But the truth remains that, full engagement and focus on any work is only possible when you learn to manage your personal energy better.

Contrary to the common belief that effective time management is the key to success, it is successful personal energy management that in fact determines how effectively you can spend your time. Here we take a look into how one can channelize energy for maximizing productivity with minimum time.

Manage your energy and your time is managed — Managing the finite 24 hours is could feel impossible sometimes, however putting in energy into a few little hours is much wiser. Identifying the high energy times of each day and prioritizing critical tasks in those times of the day will help achieve fulfilment at work.

Replenish your life energy — Expending too much energy can lead to a loss of productivity. Hence a lot of time at hand may also end up as wasted time. Take time to rejuvenate — take breaks, relax and recover.

Schedule every day — List down your tasks and plan your day around these tasks. Track your energy cycle through the day, so you can allocate enough time for each task and prioritize accordingly. Schedule tasks to match your energy levels rather than your time.

There is only so much you can do in a day — As ambitious as you may be, there is only a limited amount of work you can do. Accept it and spend it on the tasks that require your utmost attention — for the rest of the tasks, learn the art of delegation.

Some of the best managers are the best not because they have extra time on their hand but because they understand the vital role the ‘fuel of life’ — energy plays to sustain focus through the day, get an extra pair of hands to help when they cannot manage it all directly. It is all about prioritizing, managing energy intelligently and understanding the power of full engagement.