Setting up mysql-server docker container on macOs

Finally I did it

I was starting the backend sever development of a much anticipated project. So created the basic auth. Now I need to store the user info. Let’s use #mysql.

brew install mysql

Wait.. I just shouldn’t install mysql in macOS. Why? Well the good old problem. I write the code and ships it. Suddenly something goes off. But it works in my system. Ooh I use macOS, but prod system is linux. So #Docker is the way to go. Well I was very much enthusiastic about it. Directly navigated to the docker website, logged in and downloaded the docker for mac. Installed it. Well everything goes right. Now I pulled the mysql server docker image and ran it.

docker run -d — name app-mysql — env MYSQL_RANDOM_ROOT_PASSWORD=root -p 3306:3306 mysql/mysql-server

docker ps

Bhoom! docker app-mysql is up and healthy.. Now let me login to mysql

mysql -uroot -p

Oops… Let’s google it

Well… something is off. What is it? mysql running in docker is not accessible in through localhost. I was new to macOS. I am linux since college. Then what is my ip address that can be used. ifconfig in linux works well. Here I am trapped. Did some googling. So first I need to get the interface through which I can connect(I was hoping docker connects through docker0, Well thanks to macOS, there is no interface like that). networksetup is the goto man for us. I ran the command

networksetup — listallhardwareports

So my interface name is en1, since I was connected to my wifi. Now I run the command to get the ip address

ipconfig getifaddr en1

Ok cool, now I got it sorted out.

Again ran the command

mysql -uroot -h192.168.43.180 -p

Now I get the error

ERROR 1130 (HY000): Host ‘’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

So I have to enable my macOS host machine to connect to mysql running in the docker container from the ip For starters we have a network interface where mysql is allotted an ip and host machine Hmm… I will create a root user from I think that would sort it out. I logged into the docker container mysql

docker exec -it app-mysql mysql -uroot -p

Inside mysql shell I gave the commands to do the same




I verified it

mysql user from

And finally ran the command

mysql -uroot -h192.168.43.180 -p

and got the image shown at the top of this post.