Thank you Malcstone

After twelve months of being bullied, all I can say is: MUCHAS GRACIAS, thank you Malcstone.

For those who are not familiar with the name Malcstone, imagine the MicroCap market as a swimming pool full of sharks and you only have two options: die or fight. Unfortunately sharks are brave animals and they don´t hide. Internet Trolls hide behind keyboards like Malcstone to attack people leaving us with two different options: die or become stronger.

According to Lisa Belkin of the New York Times Being Bullied Can Make Kids Stronger. I couldn´t agree more with her, after processing our first on line reservation yesterday I look back and I realized all this negative force and personal attacks became positive energy to provide the fuel for this project called Oveedia. Now we have a patriotic reason to finish the software. We the Costa Ricans were insulted.

In February of 2014 I naively joined the OTC forums to explain the details of a transaction. They started making fun of me, they deleted most of my positive posts and I was very confused because after 17 years of posting on forums I found the only forum in the planet full of retarded Internet trolls posting just very limited words such as scam, fraud, pump and dump and they even called me scammer.

It took me a while to understand they have an agenda, but I´m Latin American and pride is a very strong part of our culture especially in my country Costa Rica.

Softon is a group of young Costa Rican programmers who found this as a direct attack to our people. These attacks by Malcstone are reminders of that day in March 2013 when the Costa Rican National Soccer Team was forced to play against the USA under a blizzard in Denver Colorado. Man, that made us so strong that we became the sensation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

My family has been touched by it, Softon´s families have been also touched and now our families are our biggest cheerleaders. This is becoming a national problem and we´ll all make this work because being bullied make you stronger to a point where the bullied will beat the bullier.

I have been advised by dozens of “experts ” to stop reading the forums. I would suggest to all the new CEOs out there to read the forums everyday, filter the good information, process it and use it to make you, your company and by default your shareholders STRONGER. The “experts” say: ” You are the CEO, you are supposed to be busy working on the company” That´s the biggest lie I have ever heard. Being a CEO also includes to be informed about the negative or positive publicity of your company that at the end of the day, it´s PUBLICITY.

Malcstone, keep doing the outstanding bullying job you are doing because I can guarantee to you IT IS MAKING US STRONGER as a company, as a team, as a family, the shareholders and 4.2 million Costa Ricans who will be very happy for the success of this company.

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