Happily ever after

“Happily living. That is the finest remedy for all illness. Because everything is in perfect harmony,” said the old lady. I was watching a video about life lessons from 100-year-olds. How many of us have found happiness?

Happiness used to be simple. When I was a kid, a cardboard box can keep me happy for hours. As a teenager, I was happy for days after scoring in football games. After I started working, I found it hard to be happy. Even harder to stay happy. The key to happiness seemed to have fallen into someone else’s pocket. Now, after a stroke, life has gone a full circle. For some reason, simply hearing kids laugh makes me happy. They make me laugh too. Happiness may not be so elusive after all. We are creatures of habit, so look around. Find happiness in your everyday.

Life is not the pursuit of happiness. It’s the happiness of pursuit.