Putting the ‘TRY’ in ‘POETRY’

“What you do outside defines you from the inside.”

Our manager, Jeff, always urge us to explore beyond our scope of work. He’s right. Creativity begins at the end of our comfort zone. One morning during our weekly Writers’ Huddle, Chew, Head of Writers, conducted a brainwriting exercise. We had to write a poem in 5 minutes before a discussion. And so I did. Writing poetry isn’t skull-busting after all. From then on, I spend an hour every week to nurse verses (see what I did there). Here’s how I do it:

Ready: Begin with the end in mind is our director Lily’s mantra. And that’s what I do. I always begin with the last line.

Set: Then I work on the first line.

Go: With the start point and destination defined, I map out a ‘route’ with more verses.

Voila! Ask the person beside you to pat your back. With a clearly defined objective, it’s possible to achieve any outcome. Even hipster poems (hearts be warned). Next up: I don’t know. I’ve no idea what to write. But it doesn’t bother me.

The answer’s right inside.