Day 11.

A New Baseline (for My Clutter-free Life).

After publishing for 10 days – daily accounts of my month-long ‘Vegan Fast & De-cluttering Project’ – I will now set a new base-line for myself.

The New Baseline

  • Physiological / Health – No Sugar, No Sweets & Deserts, No Unhealthy Snacks & Junk Food, No Carbo, No Alcohol. Eat mindfully, when hungry, and only enough to quell my hunger.
  • Material – Not to make a purchase without first giving, selling, throwing something in similar quantity (if I want to buy a book, I’ll first give/sell/throw one of my books away).
  • Mental – No Facebook Social News Feed (only for work). No Online News.
  • Relationships – To immediately acknowledge every unfulfilled commitment, unspoken expectation, and broken promise. To over-communicate my expectations, rather than risk bearing the disappointment of unmet expectations. To be open to, and watchful for, signals that others may want to address these things with me.


I’ll report only when I dip below this baseline, or when I raise it with a significant decision.


When I’ve set a new norm, it’s boring to report as if it weren’t. And it’s not prudent use of time.


I stayed above the baseline. And raised it with the decision to remove ‘White Foods’ / ‘bad carbs’ from my diet – permanently. Instead, I’ll consume ‘good carbs’. It’s a significant decision for me because I enjoy the taste of white rice.

Blogging (what happened to Days 9 and 10?)

I also committed to writing and publishing daily this year. I did, except for Day 9.

On Day 9, I wrote an account (similar to my account on Day 8), but did not publish. Why? I realised that I didn’t want to spent any more time reporting on what was to form my ‘New Baseline’.

Day 10 (yesterday) was not a public account of my ‘De-clutter’ Project, but instead – the launch article for a new version of The Commissioned.

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