It already has your browsing habits, a profile of your voice, a blueprint of your home — is that not enough for this data conglomerate?

Credit: wk1003mike

Happily beavering away at filling in a tough job application — I was asked, “What is your present understanding of privacy laws in the UK?”. Funnily enough, my answer didn’t fit in the word count box. Seemed a shame cutting short my research — so here’s my full answer! It might be useful.

Where do ‘Robots’ fit within the human society?

  1. moved into my own place and starting living on my own for the first time
  2. changed jobs
  3. left new job
  4. went to Australia…

Mel Wood

Technology Consultant. Writes insights on emerging technology, their applied use and political impact. Focus: RPA, AI, Media Manipulation, Voice Discovery

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