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  • Jake from Mito

    Jake from Mito

    Exploring the future of Python and Spreadsheets

  • Thuwarakesh Murallie

    Thuwarakesh Murallie

    Data scientist @ Stax, Inc & Top writer in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Peter Berrecloth

    Peter Berrecloth

    User Experience & Service Designer at Skyscanner • Excuse my spelling, I’m British. 🇬🇧

  • Paula Paul

    Paula Paul

    Tech adventures: IBM product dev, Tech Bubble consultant, Microsoft MCS, tours of duty in corporate IT, table flipper, teacher, ThoughtWorker, Builder, Pirate.

  • Mat Rawsthorne

    Mat Rawsthorne

  • Frank Hopkins

    Frank Hopkins

    Experimentation Data Scientist, specialising in digital experimentation. Posts ranging from data science to website optimisation and digi-analytics.

  • Lee Boonstra

    Lee Boonstra

    I’m a Conversational AI Developer Advocate at Google. Focusing on Dialogflow, Contact Center AI & STT / TTS. Published O’Reilly author. Twitter: @ladysign

  • Michal Malewicz

    Michal Malewicz

    ⬜️ YouTube: 🟥 We build the future at

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