David Bowie: Musical Genius, Gender-Bending Icon, Alleged Perpetrator of Sexual Violence
Britni de la Cretaz

i have seen this exact same opinion rewritten sooo many times since the news broke (and the backlash and squabble in the comments too) and while i agree with where you stand on facing the reality of things and supporting survivors, its just a fact that bowie was a predator among other problematic things, so why are we still trying to spell this out for people? everyone is entitled to their own opinion about a man who is now dead and mourn however they like, remain ignorant if they like. facts are facts, but stop trying to rewrite others experiences. you are entitled to your own opinion, but i find it horrible people are going to such lengths to try and articulate lori maddox’s experience and how it coincides with the law. dont do that. dont silence others like that. every time i see it, even from the most healthy perspective it just rubs me the wrong way. its not right to take away someones voice like that, so find a different way to express your opinion on the matter, start a different conversation that doesnt stem from rewriting someone elses experience.

the conversation shouldnt even be about debating what happened between bowie and his underage groupies, just like it shouldnt be about scrutinizing the choices he made in his life. if anyone gave two shits then his reputation and career would have been compromised while he was still alive, but it wasnt. that’s the conversation that needs to have light shed on it, not trying to sway peoples opinion of a celebrity by digging up receipts or acknowledging them as problematic. the mans dead for christ’s sake, but here we are trying to point fingers instead of educating people or having the kind of discourse that needs to be had. abuse of power, rape culture and our society perpetuating harmful ideals is what needs to be talked about, if anything. so throw your opinions out the window and open your eyes to reality so that you can help others do the same. bowie is dead but if hating or holding an ambivalent opinion about him or his fans makes you feel better then go with it, but stopping the conversation short of the bigger issue is not what should come of his death if survivors and victims are who you had in mind when you started it.

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