A Look Into My Novel

The sound of the rain echoes in my ears like a symphony; it rises and falls, accelerates and slows. I watch the water fall onto the charred tree branches around me. Some droplets hit the branch and vanish like tiny ghosts; others roll down the branch with their sisters and brothers in a race, only to hit the ashy forest floor and vanish just like the others.

Living or not, death comes for you. A rain drop finds death in the ashes on the ground, a rodent finds death in the mouth of a lion, a wolf finds death in the flame of a dragon.

My chest heaves, but no sounds escape my lips. My legs shake, but I remain standing. My eyes burn, but they scan my surroundings with fresh alertness. My body is weak, but my heart is stone.

Despite my soaking wet fur in the chilled spring air, I do not shiver. Perhaps it is because I am already frozen. Not in the sense where I long for the comfort of my mother’s warm belly, but in the sense that my soul has been taken from me, leaving me empty.

I feel nothing. I am nothing.

Nothing will ever be the same. I have not even hit adulthood and my life has been stolen, my friends murdered, and my home destroyed. A dark and evil Demon wolf hunts me, and I am not the child of Light as I once thought I was.

She comes bright as the sun, her fur so white. She is the one, and she will fight. She is one of Shadow, she is one of Light. Her soul is in two, like pieces of a puzzle. Her fate to take the life of that which gave to her, her own.”

I replay the Demon wolf Semiro’s last words to me before he vanished without a trace into the shadow of a tree. I can feel a chill coming, but it washes away like the tide on a beach.

I am Shadow.

I am broken.

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