I thought it was a lie

Some time ago, every time I saw a phrase or when I heard someone saying that people start to love you when you leave and that they want to value things when they are lost, they were pure lies.

I asked myself every day, when is it the moment when you really want me and you prove it? Will that happen before I get tired of you, before I stop loving you?

I really thought it was just phrases like those that people like to put caption in their Instagram photos .. until it happened to me.

Finally that moment arrived in my life and I understood that everything was true. What I can not understand is, why?

Is it that people like to be abused or rejected? Why is it so hard to value people when they show you their love? Why do they need to wait for them to get away?

Many questions in my mind without finding any answer to them..

Now everything is so different; my plans changed, some of my goals changed, my mind changed and you are not in it.

I can not deny that I feel happy, free and at peace, but I have that little thorn in my heart that laments so much that things have turned out this way.

Today you want me to love you, but I’m starting to love someone else.