Midnight thoughts

I wonder why we live in the past complaining about the things we I’ve done, the things we want to do.

Today my friend’s mother died of cancer, so that got me thinking what would I do if it happens to me? to be honest, I don’t have the faintest idea but I know it hurts. I saw her so sad so I felt sad too but this is life, One way or another we are going to die some day. So why don’t we live our lives in the best way? We are always complaining about things we don’t have but we don’t even take a moment to appreciate what we have.

So I decided that today, June 17, Im going to start living. I’m going to be happy with the things I have but I’ll do my best to get what I want. I’m going to thank my mom every day for the things she has done for me. I’m going to live the preset, without thinking about the wrong things I’ve done in the past, without regret. I’m going to love me as I am, I’m not going to judge myself because of my faults, I’m going to learn from my mistakes. From now, I’ll be different.

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