After decades of suppression and neglect, psychedelics are having a renaissance. In the 1950s, Psychedelic was actively researched by scientists, hoping to find the neurochemical basis of mental disorders previously believed to be psychological in origin or treat a variety of disorders. …

This episode is definitely the most controversial and insightful in Season 5. In this article, I try to do some legal analysis of the schemes that I found intriguing in this show. This is NOT legal advice.

Data Privacy

The most incisive parts of the show follow the ways in which Smithereen’s vast data-mining operation envelops Chris as the company tries to figure out what he really wants from Bauer.

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Privacy. Something you feel right about but your legs walk in a different direction. People like to complain about privacy and the commercialization of data, but it’s very difficult for them to switch from a major social media platform to a privacy-focused one. …

The SEC just released a framework for “Investment Contract: Analysis of Digital Assets.” The framework covers the SEC’s perspectives on whether a cryptocurrency is a security. For the past few years, the SEC has been very open and supportive to the blockchain industry (unless you did something obviously wrong), and the content of the framework may not seem new to many of us.

I’m self-digesting and reading other opinions on Twitter/Medium.

First things first, the framework has no legally binding effect. The SEC said it themselves “it’s not a rule, regulation, or statement of the Commission.” Securities law depends on various facts and circumstances of each particular case, so the SEC won’t give any bright-line rule for ICO. The framework gives a long list of characteristics that you should avoid, but many of the points might not hold up in court. …

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