Delete Power Apps Connections from Any Environment

Hi All,

If you have been using Power Apps platform for awhile, you probably have created many connections in your environment.

In my development environment, I had around 40 connections and couldn’t find a quick way to delete all of them at once!

When working with Python scripts that uses Azure Machine Learning services, you encounter this error when you try to run any python files that contains one of the following references as a prefix in import statements:

  • azure*
  • azureml*

For example, Below python file references “azureml” packages:

from azureml.api.schema.dataTypes import DataTypes

I would like to share in this post a use case on how to build a Machine Learning pipeline on Microsoft Azure. In software product development, you face very diversified set of challenges to automate and streamline a process of shipping machine learning models into production!

From managing model files…

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