The National Divorce
Aaron Loeb

I was not for trump in the beginning. I am now and for several reasons.

First he is doing what he has said he was going to do.

Second he is trying to keep this country safe.

Third he is transparent, letting everyone know what he is doing.

I am not going to try and counter every thing you have said. There are so many wrong points about republican conservatives and our so called ‘agenda’.

I just want to say Trump was never proven guilty of any of things you mentioned and Clinton was charged. That is all I want to say of that. Our country states you are innocent until proven guilty.

We are more divided because of the media. Another reason to like Trump. He is giving facts and documentation along with what is being done. Not the media the majority is over exaggerated and one sided. It has been for years.

Now to the point of the two sides. I think and hope and pray we both want the same thing our country to be great again. I do not think you can think our country is great now. The terrorist attacks, unemployment (although getting better), crime, drugs, drop out rates, and so much more. So I do not see how you can think Obama did such a great job personally. He may have tried to help but his policies and decisions failed and actually divided this country more especially when it comes to racism. Obama brought the race card into everything. He people did not agree with Obama they were a racist plain and simple. I for one work to help W-2 clients of all races and volunteer at my church helping all different races with their addiction problems. I do many things with different races. So we are not all racists and I am sure democrats are not either. I do not believe anyone side is less racist. You thnk giving people all these wonderful things help them but it doesn’t. People need help yes and they need to move up and out of poverty. This is hard with our failing schools and single parent homes and so much more. It is horrible. We each as individuals need to pick up and help where we can and not send people to the government. I hear all the time there is a program for that get this do that and get it free. We have five generations now that are born and taught to be dependent on the government. We need to help people to be proud again and pay there own way. The government can not do this our churches, communities and neighbors need to help. That is where I am at to help one on one. And a little humility is good for the soul and makes you want to get up and pick your self up. There is sooo much wrong and it is not just one side it is both. I just want a smaller government and each one of us to pick up and help each other. I want to know my money is going for a good cause and me to decide who I want to help. Each person should decide for themselves and have the government work on our safety of our country and put everything back on the people of the states and each person individually. And I think we can both agree on wanting to help one another. It is just matter of how we go about to do it.

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