The Membersdrive

First Milestone, 1000+ Peoples data stored on Membersdrive

Since our launch in July this year we have been knocking on doors and welcome to organizations and we have done this numbers of storage: From Zero we have now reach 1400+ in peoples information stored on Membersdrive.

So much at Membersdrive is new and improved. Now so are our features.

We’ve been working hard to make Membersdrive an exciting new product to choose over spreadsheet softwares for storing peoples information. and we have launched different new features in our beta experience. So thrilled to expand on and keep building as the engagement in our core features Data Manager & Automated Messaging increases week over week.

Membersdrive in the coming year is to be
A Customizable Cloud Database software”
A cloud database service that replace the old school Pen on Paper / Spreadsheet software for storing peoples data.

Database is essential for every organization and businesses, but the challenge is the old approach and traditional method of storing peoples information on Pen/Paper or into a spreadsheet and the data end up just staying there. Every Management needs to put data to effective use and go anywhere with their data easily.

The Problems — “ The Old Way ”

1. Peoples Data : People information is collected on a Paper Form and filed in a paper document which is — Uneditable — Prone to Fire — and takes time to search for information in urgent situation.

2. Communication is tedious and perhaps you will always need your data file either the spreadsheet software you use or on the data you stored on a Paper.

3. Relationship is essential to organization leaders but they cannot remember everyone important date.

The information you collect from people can help you relate with them accordingly and build lasting relationship that Drive more sales for Business and improve relationship for Organization.

Membersdrive Solutions
The journey we are unto is to be a Database Service for any one to use for things like Peoples Database and Automate communication. 
Accessible Database anywhere anytime
Data collection from different source using API
Automated messages that makes it easier for user to celebrate with their database contact on their important dates as (Birthdays, Anniversary Dates)contact in the database.

Membersdrive is in BETA and currently available to Nigeria users (Organizations and Businesses).

Thank You

Thank you everyone who have trusted us with their peoples information, Churches, Fellowship,Businesses and Other Organization types that uses the service to have reach this storage far.