Check The Pulse: Finding the Best of the Best in the Bay Area

Get the scoop on the biggest, craziest search for everything great in the Bay Area, happening right now on Membo.

We’re kicking off the biggest, craziest search for every amazing restaurant, dance night, Instagram location, Tinder date idea, Happy Hour— you name it— that the Bay Area has to offer, and we know just the people to help us find them:


Pulse is a new section of Membo where people in your area have their say on the best places, activities, businesses around.

Add your favorite spots and see how they stack up against other nominations to help create a locally-sourced, dynamic guide that you can always turn to for ideas on the best things to do & see nearby.

How can you help in the search? Update/download the newest version of Membo, and head to the Pulse section. Drop your favorites in everywhere, and watch the upvotes come in. Grab attention by adding photos to your replies!

The coolest part? It’s all geolocated, so wherever you go, you’ll be able to see new places, activities and more, all generated by users like you.

Add photos to any post you upload to Membo

What else is new this update?

  1. In Technicolor: Add pictures to any post on Membo.

2. What You Need, When You Need It: filter Spots (formerly Places) to find exactly the type of business or hangout you’re looking for

Find what you need in the Spots section with categories!

3. Tiles. Tiles everywhere!: To improve the browsing experience, we’ve made threads tiled.

4. Name changes: Find the real-time chat environment in Shout (formerly Chat) and a geolocated feed of hotspots & hangouts in Spots (formerly Places).

We’re very excited for you to check out the update. Head to the App Store and help us determine the best places in San Francisco, and after that, worldwide!


The Membo Team