Expanding Neighborhood Passes

You may have noticed that we’ve been pretttyyyy Hayes Valley-centric around the blog these past few weeks. We really dig the area, and decided that it was the perfect place to try out our new Neighborhood Pass program, and the response has been fantastic.

Now it’s time to share the goodness with the rest of San Francisco, and before long, everywhere else. We’re busy meeting businesses and nonprofits in areas all around the city, including the Mission, Castro, SoMa, Marina and Fillmore districts, and across the bay in Berkeley and Oakland. As we approach summer, we want everyone to be able to pop open their phone and produce their Neighborhood Pass Badge at all of their favorite local places. We’ll also want to donate to a lot of great local organizations doing important work.

Long story short, we’re coming to your neighborhood soon. Reach out to us on Twitter and tell us which businesses you’d like to see on the Pass for your area; look out for us at local events and come say hi. Also, if you’ve been looking for an excuse to check out other neighborhoods in the city, check out the Hayes Valley Pass. See what it’s all about. Let’s get people everywhere talking about the Neighborhood Pass program.

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