Membrana is presenting a new Advisor — Petr Myachin (TOP-50)

We are glad to introduce to all our followers, Membrana’s new top advisor — Petr Myachin. Petr holds a high position among the most sought-after advisors in the ICOBench’s rate and is in the top-50 of the best advisors.

We appreciate that Petr decided to join us as financial advisor for Membrana and here’s what he got to say!

Petr Myachin:
I had the opportunity to work as an investor and member of the advisory board for several successful ICO launches that have achieved their ICO goals to assist in marketing, media, development, PR, and strategy and I am happy to help Membrana to reach their goals.

Trust Management of Digital Assets — is the eternal question, Membrana’s team now plans to help their users transition to a more sustainable model of trust management of digital assets and I am happy to be part of this journey.

I strongly believe in the team’s capability to achieve this vision and to carry through their plan that will drive considerable value not only for our stakeholders but the entire trading ecosystem.

Membrana’s team already launched- Beta Version of their product by attracting some funds during the Angel round. And this is the proper way to do business. PRODUCT — FIRST, then crowdsale for scaling and growing. These achievements speak about volumes of perseverance and the ability of a team to use their resources in the right way.

As an advisor to the Membrana project, I am looking forward to this transformative process of integrating trust at the strategic and operational level through the decentralized platform that will connect investors and traders. Membrana is creating an ecosystem where everybody can earn extra profits, and that is a huge deal!

As usual, Petr works as ICO and Blockchain support:
1. Preliminary assessment of the ICO rating.
2. Analysis of white paper for traps.
3. Analysis of product data and website.
4. Analysis of the market so that we can see in which area we should focus on ICO.
5. Analysis of prices and distribution of tokens.
6. Align the processes of the chain with the product.
7. Creating a technological ecosystem.
8. Designing the integration of block elements with business functions.
9. Assistance in transferring tokens for exchange

Financial and funds advisor:
1. Pitch ICO in front of crypto investors.
2. Pitch ICO in front of crypto funds.
3. Pitch ICO in front of crypto ICO pools.
4. Research partners company
5. Financial development consultations of crypto projects

We are very happy to have Petr Myachin on board as a financial advisor and we are looking forward to working with him long and productive on the way of creating the best Trust Management of Digital Assets platform.

PreICO will start in December 2018.

Stay with us and Thank You!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Our team is happy to help!

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