How to stop haters

Statistics from various sources and gut feeling tells us that the problems with haters is growing rapidly. They attack in multiple channels targeting everything from newspapers to microscopic bloggers.

Haters are everyone and nobody. They are anonymous creatures that comes in many flavors. Some haters are teenagers that can not see the consequences of their actions. Others are adults that run well orchestrated campaigns against certain topics or persons with unmatched amounts of time and intensity. They all have one thing in common. They hurt other people.

It even affects democracy in some sense since more and more news sites choose to disable comments. Good debate is going away and shallow, short sighted hateful comments are taking over to be drastic.

So what can we do about it?

At membrane we acknowledge the fact that it isn’t a human right to say anything you want to anyone. Free speech comes with certain obligations. And when you are commenting on say Facebook there is no such thing as free speech at all. Facebook is free to censor as they see fit.

With that said we think at least one way to get rid of these haters is to simply ban them. The tricky part is that there are so many channels out there to attack in. And it’s too easy to change your username, email or clean out your cookies that it’s almost impossible to get rid of them. Like cockroaches they endure through the nuclear winter only to pop up again when we thought we had gotten rid of them.

That’s why we are building what we are building. A universal system to keep track of the haters and ban them from the entire network of sites using our service. Hater 1 is banned from site A and can’t comment on site B either automatically.

It will be a bit crude in the beginning and will for sure take some time to tune and adjust but it’s better than having the haters roam free. Check out and drop us a comment here to tell us what you think.

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