$HAHA Launchpad Details and Tokenomics

4 min readApr 22, 2023

About Hasaki:

Hasaki runs on a vertical industry corpus based on ChatGPT and the crypto industry. It uses an artificial intelligence system to accurately extract relevant information from a database of billions of pieces of crypto-related data and present it in an intuitive manner to users in the vertical industry. In other words, Hasaki is a trainable AI assistant that provides vertical services to the entire crypto space. It aims to be the most authoritative information and behavioral service terminal in the entire crypto industry. Hasaki will be the smartest Doge in the universe, not just a meme but also the most intelligent AI assistant in the crypto industry.

$HAHA Tokenomics:

Token: $HaHa

Total Supply: 100 billion

Fully Diluted Valuation: $550,000 (Private Presale $500,000)

Calculate the valuation at a price of 1850U per ETH.


IDO: 70%

Liquidity pool: 20%

Marketing: 10% (airdrops, early supporters’ rewards)

The Token Sale — Overflow Method

Hasaki will issue the $HaHa and conduct a public sale of tokens through the ‘Overflow method’ to ensure fair distribution.

Overflow method rules: During the effective period of the sale (24h), even if the fundraising pool amount has reached the hard cap, users can still continue to contribute funds to the fundraising pool to participate in the IDO. The officials will distribute the tokens according to the over-raised mode. For example, if the total amount raised in the private sale exceeds the target amount of 25 ETH, the actual token allocation received by users will be diluted according to the ratio of the actual ETH amount invested/token price* hard cap fundraising amount/actual total amount raised.

Bonus — Early Participation Rewards for IDO

To show our appreciation for the early-stage supporters of Hasaki’s pre-sale activities, and recognizing that early IDO participants take on greater risks and cannot receive rewards, we will establish a separate IDO bonus pool for each round of IDO (including private and public sales) to incentivize more early contributors. These bonus tokens will be provided through our marketing activity pool.

In other words, the earlier participants invest in the IDO process after each round starts, the more $HaHa tokens they will receive through the Farm, along with greater bonus returns. Bonus tokens will be claimed together with tokens obtained based on the investment amount after the IDO activity is finished.

Before participating in Launchpad, please ensure the following rules:

  • You must have ETH in your wallet to participate, as it will be the ONLY token used for $HaHa in the IDO process.
  • DYOR(Do Your Own Research).

The participation rules for Launchpad are as follows:

  • Contribute your ETH and keep track of your total fundraising amount, as launches are based on the overflow method.
  • All eligible users can participate in private and public sales.
  • Each round of fundraising activities lasts for 24 hours (private and public sales are the same).
  • This activity is not FCFS (firstcome, firstserved), meaning you will have the full 24 hours to contribute your ETH, whether you contribute in the first or last hour. However, if you are later, the bonus mining reward will be reduced.
  • Any unspent ETH will be refunded.”

Private Presale (whitelist) Round:

The $HaHa private sale (whitelist) is only available to partners who have contributed to the early development of the Hasaki community, including community builders, contributors, and early-stage users who have obtained whitelist privileges through official marketing activities. Compared to the public sale, whitelist users will enjoy up to a 10% price discount, but the private sale quota will be lower than the public sale.

You can learn about the rules of whitelist and related information on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hasaki_Inu. The team will update various activities related to whitelisting information promptly. Please stay tuned.

Platform: Official website

Launchpad Date: To be announced

Duration: 24 hours

Sale: Overflow

Hard cap: 25 ETH (9,300,000,000 $HaHa | 9.3% of total initial supply)

Token price: 0.0000000027ETH per token

Personal cap: 0.001 ETH — 2 ETH

Bonus Farming Pool: 211,000,000 $HaHa


If the total amount raised during the private sale phase is exactly 25 ETH or less, each user’s token amount is calculated as follows:

Token amount = investment amount/$HaHa per token price.

For example, if User A invests 1 ETH, they will receive:

1 ETH/0.0000000027 ETH = 370,370,370.4 $HaHa

If the total amount raised during the private sale phase is more than 25 ETH, each user’s token amount is calculated based on their proportion of the total amount raised. For example, if the total amount raised during the private sale is 50 ETH and User A invests 1 ETH, they will receive:

1 ETH/0.0000000027 ETH * 25 ETH/50 ETH = 185,185,185.2 $HaHa

Actual investment amount: 2*25 ETH/50 ETH = 1 ETH

Any remaining investment funds will be refunded after the private sale round ends, and users can manually claim them to their wallet. They can also participate in the next public sale round.

Public Presale Round:

Platform: Official website

Launchpad Date: To be announced

Duration: 24 hours

Sale: Overflow

Soft cap: 50 ETH

Hard cap: 185 ETH (61,700,000,000 $HaHa | 61.7% of the total initial supply)

Price: 0.000000003 ETH per token

Individual cap: No less than 0.001 ETH

Overflow Farming pool: 1,570,000,000 $HaHa