I am 70 and this is how I keep my brain active

A friend shared this with us:

I recently celebrated my 70th birthday and I’m starting to feel the effects of cognitive decline. However, even though I can feel that my brain is not as fast as it used to be, I am still a lifelong learner at heart and I want to share with you how I have kept my brain active all these years.

I use puzzles.

That’s how I have ensured that my brain is still able to work when I need it to. The point is, we start to let our brain idle when we grow old, thinking that “its retirement and its time for my brain to take a break and retire too”. That’s a very big mistake.

Everyday, I would solve a puzzle(Sudoku, crossword, etc) at 7am, have breakfast with my daughter, read the newspaper till 12, fetch my granddaughter to work, play candy crush, cook for dinner, and then play a game of mahjong online. I think it is really important to play stimulating games that provides your brain muscle something to chew on.

Keeping one’s brain active can delay the progression of dementia. In order to brain training fun and engaging, Memento Health would start posting puzzles and we shall all solve them together. :)

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