Puzzle 1:

At the recent spring fete, four keen gardeners were displaying their fine roses.

In total there were four colours and each rose colour appeared twice.

From the clues below can you tell who had which colour roses?

  • Mr Green had a yellow rose.
  • Mr Yellow did not have a red one.
  • Mr Red had a blue rose but not a green one.
  • Mr Blue did not have a yellow one.
  • One person with a red rose also had a green one.
  • One person with a yellow rose also had a blue one.
  • One of the persons with a green rose had no red.
  • Neither of the persons with a yellow rose had a green one.
  • No person has two roses of the same colour.
  • No two persons had the same two colour roses and their names provide no clues.

(The answer would be revealed at the end of the day)

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