The “Forever Alone” meme. A once popular but mostly forgotten meme used to denote the failure of a particular person to create or maintain any romantic relationships. A symbol of solidarity for especially awkward people.

A Love Story

I don’t know how many times we’ve met for this mindless pleasure that I’m secretly ashamed of. We both know this can only lead to tragedy, to limitless regrets and bitter tears. I can’t even count the number of nights I snuck out from home to meet you here again and again both fearing and desiring your sight, your scent, your taste. You look so cool sitting there looking at me playfully, daring me to make the first move. We gaze into each other wondering again for the thousandth time if I’d still give in or finally, finally say no. I look away cursing myself for my stupidity, my naivete, my weakness when it comes to you.

I can’t believe the kind of forces that brought us here together. Me, passing through billions of years of evolution from the first single celled organism to a human being learning of matters both mundane and mighty, a master and commander of the Earth and all that exists upon it. I can’t even comprehend the kind of journey it would’ve taken, the kind of trials and tribulations my ancestors, both human and non human, have gone through to bring me to this point. You, created as a real necessity and a passionate love by my very own ancestors from the earliest civilizations to even today and beyond. Songs were sung of you before the Pyramids rose. Poems were written of you before the Iliad was even a dream to young Homer. Praises were showered upon you for your beauty, your guile, your sex appeal for millennia. I can’t understand, I don’t want to understand our shared destiny, our burden, our unexpected but ultimately predictable tryst that’s happened again on this most fateful of nights.

I give in. I reach out to you and hold you within a vice-like grip full of passion and lust. Your skin is cold to the touch. I pop you open in one desperate, fluid motion and bring you to my lips. You taste cold, bitter, sweet. You taste of lost memories, promised dreams, the bitter pang of reality, the sweet whispers of what may and may never be. I take another long, delightful, disgusting kiss. In all my life, in all the things I’ve done, you have been with me. My erstwhile companion. My devilish bane. My comfort in the darkness of night and the garish light of day. My beer.

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