Why I Started to Write

I want us to be friends. And not the kind of friends who you suddenly realize you haven’t talked to for years and could barely remember; not the kind of friends who you just call “friends” because calling them anything else would make them (you) feel bad. I want us to be the kind of friends who can just hit each other up with a random idea, talk deep into the night about something stupid and who really, deeply care for each other. Am I going too fast here? I am, aren’t I? We don’t even know each other’s names! Maybe that’s a good place to start :)

My name is Saikhnaa. An unusual name, I know, but it’s the easiest one I’ve got. If you feel like going hardcore AND experiencing Mongolian culture, you can also call me Erdenesaikhan, son of Amarsaikhan of the clan Gursed. But let’s not get hooked up on formalities here. Saikhnaa is fine. I’ve just started this blog (approximately 30 minutes ago) because I wanted a place where I can share my ideas, opinions and stories. But then I realized that that’s not something I REALLY want. What I really want is to engage with you, whoever you are, about the things that matter to us. I don’t want my blog to be an impersonal exchange between the “writer” and the “reader”, a cold and anonymous transfer of content between two people. I want us to create stories together. I’d like us to get to know each other. I hope to be a friend to you.

Are you interested?

Great! So how do we do that? And what am I going to be writing about? Actually these two questions go hand in hand quite a bit. Every day, I’m going to be publishing a thought or two. Something that I find particularly fascinating about the world, the people that inhabit it and the dreams that they’re building. I can’t promise right now that my stories will be about anything more specific than that as that might also affect what I’m observing and learning in life (which is everything). I’m a storyteller and like all good storytellers, I keep my genres open and my stories engaging. You can check these little stories out and if a certain idea suddenly crosses your mind and you feel like talking about it, write me up so we can do just that (this is my Facebook). I promise I won’t be an ass and pretend this conversation between us never happened. Through this discussion and this sharing of ideas, I’m sure we can both learn something and THAT shapes the future stories I’ll be telling. So in truth, I’m not the only storyteller here. I don’t want this to be “my blog”. This can, however, be our little meadow (or beach or bar or bench or whatever) that we meet up and share stories. So that’s why I want to be friends with you. Because I want to create stories together.

So now you know a little about me. What about you? What’s your name?

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