Patron: Now Being Famous is not a Dream

You’ve always wondered if being famous is possible? good today there are, the so-called social networks such as twitter, facebook, instagram, among others, where they help make famous a singer or another trade, selling a good quality product, but it is well known that with so much competition , if you do not make yourself known you will be taken by the current, it is for the same problem that you use the different means of diffusion already mentioned or another character with a great recognition in social networks but, this is not always profitable to pay millions of dollars and losing an investment; that’s where it comes in patron with its mix, between the SNS (Social Networking Service) and blockchain technology.

Patron It’s something so simple, but with great functionality, who would not like to be famous? and I’m not talking about famous, only in the sense of a singer, but something bigger, like making a local in social networks famous, with the SNS (Social Networking Service) and the blockchain, and it’s something that makes me happy, it should be noted that Nowadays they use this great technology, just to fill their pockets, without doing anything productive and here is a blockchain, with a unique and innovative idea, it makes me think that this could be the future of technology.

In simple terms, it is about bifurcating your fame, with followers and more weight within the same network, as well as looking for the best publicist, to match your needs, but there is not everything both advertisers and followers earn PAT (explain more forward this wonderful token) and thus in this way the active line of rewards for making a small effort remains.

Patron seeks to gather different information on various topics, as if a marketing library will be treated, if we say a sale of footballs, good and look for someone who disseminates it in a good way, but aja tends to see on facebook that see advertising, somewhat messy and there the line is cut between the followers and product, this in numbers and profits would be negative because a possible lover of the sport, will not be able to see this information at once and see the best products because they are not well classified

  • Function

This is what I like most about Patron, since it actively seeks, that the influential, that is, those who make their products arrive to the followers of that influencer in an effective way as the example, that mentions before the sale of soccer balls, so there is no mere availability that your article is in another area where it will not be used, and in this case both sponsors, influencers and followers will be rewarded with the PAT token.

Influence Election BasesPoints to Take into AccountFollowersThe sponsor has to review this first to know what utility their influence will have, for their goal.Level of commitmentLike all the responsibility at the time of an election is paramount.ReputationReputation plays a fundamental role at the time of choosing, so it must be reviewed in the best possible way to obtain good results.

  • Model
  • Influencer
  • Sponsor
  • Follower
  • Union between the company and the influential

It is a benefit, since what the influencer wants to achieve is to have the product that in this case will give the sponsored with the expectation that it will be delivered in the best way to its followers and thus the line of the bifurcation rewards in a better way with his followers and there is a good understanding both socially and economically of this nature and so never lose on both sides, and get to know each other better, since trust is the primary tool when doing teamwork.

  • Benefits of Sponsors when using Patron

The company benefits from what I have already bounded many times, in a simple way and without many detours is that your product reaches a large number of people with a specific taste and not just random people, as do others who already mentions and not lose an investment that could be used in material or another system.

For me it enters that good I as active blogger in the blockchain of weku, whaleshares, bearshares and this present platform steemit, is something where the followers play an important role and a tool like this that, can help me in a better way to upload them and reward me for them with a small investment.

  • Token PAT

It is an open chain token, which can be stored in a wallet as [myetherwallet] ( and be bought both with bitcoin and ethereum, so its benefit would be to reward the influential for their work and the followers for their well-achieved function and thus maintain a good and fun way of payment.

  • Use-Case

Ani is an enthusiastic sweet girl and she set up her own company, but she has observed that in order to compete in a great ocean of products, she must find out who diffuses her product and passes paying a propaganda to an instagram user, but she realizes that This is not helping her at all.

Shortly after it follows its course in Internet and finishes in the platform of Patron and thus it reviews the services and it is innovated it realizes its investigations and payments, looks for an influential to the measure with his product and needs and he finds that his sales go up by more than 40% and he is happy with Patron and serves as a catalyst of information to bring more users to the platform .