Meme Stocks: B.A.N.G.

In 2020, a movement began that changed the landscape of the stock market forever. As social media became even more prominent with sites like Reddit, Telegram and Twitter, the general public has been able to communicate more than ever about shared interests, hobbies, and of course memes.

As consumers began to talk to each other more, Reddit’s r/wallstreetbets became known as the place to be to listen and learn about this new phenomenon dubbed “Meme Stocks”. As GameStop became a household name almost overnight after the stocks’ “short squeeze” due to hedge funds “shorting the stock” (see below), the general public began to take a renewed interest in the stock market that hadn’t been seen in over a decade.

Gamestop helped provide a way to not only make money, but also a way to join others in “sticking it to the man” (billionaires, hedge funds, etc.). With this, many more eager first-time traders began to take advantage of the ease and convenience that many trading applications like Robinhood, E-Trade, and Fidelity provided to eager new investors. The main question was, “which meme stock would be the next GameStop?”

A popular catchy acronym had been coined by then: B.A.N.G. (Blackberry, AMC, Nokia & GameStop). B.A.N.G. stocks became synonymous with meme stocks, and everyone wanted to own some in hopes it could duplicate the gains those early investors saw in GME. Then something else happened that people started to take notice about and began asking the question; what is this “meme coin”, Dogecoin that’s starting to take off?

Today, we want to merge the two worlds together. Meme Stocks (B.A.N.G.) is an homage to the OG four meme stocks that helped start a movement which can never be undone and will unite degens forever.

Come join us on Twitter and in our Telegram (TG) to not only discuss our B.A.N.G. token, but to also discuss the stock markets “meme” stocks, strategies for trading, potential new opportunities, and of course, tons of memes. As a tribute to all thing's meme, B.A.N.G. will have daily/weekly meme contests for hodlers to win prizes!

(1) Meme Stocks (@MemeStocksETH) / Twitter



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