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Pitching the idea of Meminto. Copyright: CyberForum Karlsruhe

Four weeks ago, my phone rang: After hearing about Meminto via startup BW, Christian Kurrle from IT-Accelerator Cyberlab invited me to participate in PreLab in Karlsruhe. This is an EU-funded initiative designed to build and strengthen startups, having successfully produced well-known businesses such as PACE and chrono24. Clearly, I wanted Meminto to participate in the PreLab and gratefully accepted the invite.

At first, I had a difficult time imagining the benefits of PreLab. However, after the first day, the helpful benefits of this program became clear. Based on the programs from strategyzer, we began by asking ourselves about the meaning…

Last month, we had the chance to apply for the “Regional Cup” in Heilbronn-Franken, which takes place in the south-west of Germany. Right away from the start, Meminto was voted the top project next to six others, that also applied for Elevator pitches. In entire Baden-Württemberg, it now has the highest number of votes in total.

The event itself will take place on May 17th. Until then, it’s still possible to vote via E-Mail or Facebook-Like.

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Meminto is applying for Regional Cup in Heilbronn, Germany — with now 338 votes it’s the most voted-for project until now.

Before the Elevator pitches will take place in may, we’ll take a four-weeks-training at the PreLab in Karlsruhe, which is the preparation for the…

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In the middle of last year, there was this viral video of this young guy called Johnny, who got a special present for his 16th birthday — from his dad, who passed away earlier that year. You may have seen it, gets a bit emotional at the end:

Yep, sweet story. Johnny’s dad did something amazing that many people just do not do: He made sure that a real surprise is going to happen after his death. He prepared it timely. Maybe that’s why it was considered worth going viral.

What’s going to happen when I die?

See, we all know it, because we see it…

Well known german digital native Lars Bobach asks about digital legacy system

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Meminto fights consequences of death.

Some weeks ago, I was invited to answer some questions by Lars Bobach in his weekly podcast. Lars is a well known guy in the digital world here in Germany, answering many questions for users who want to stay up-to date. His podcast is definitely worth following.

We spoke about half an hour and went very deeply into why someone like me in his mid 30’s is dealing with death and legacy, how Meminto was invented and also what the business model of the social security system ist about.

If you’re able to understand german, you can listen to it below or download the audio file.

To try the beta of Meminto (only available in german), go to and apply for the beta invitation code.

Das Rotary Magazin hat Meminto in seiner Juli-Ausgabe erwähnt

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Bitcoin, Blockchain und mehr

Das Rotary Magazine über Bitcoin — und Meminto

„Bei dem Unternehmen Meminto dreht sich alles um den „digitalen Nachlass“. Wer stirbt, kann per Testament über sein Vermögen verfügen. Was aber geschieht mit seiner digitalen Identität? Gemeint sind damit Hunderte Fotos im Internet, zahlreiche Profile in sozialen Netzwerken, Passwortlisten zu vielen Internetdiensten. Meminto bietet eine Dienstleistung an, das „digitale Ich“ nach dem eigenen Ableben zu verwalten. Die Blockchain-Technologie ist hier relevant, weil damit verschiedene Prozesse nach dem Ableben in Gang gesetzt werden und von niemandem mehr gestoppt werden können. Einem Start-up möchte man sein digitales Testament möglicherweise nicht anvertrauen, der Blockchain-Technologie, die den letzten digitalen Willen vollzieht, möglicherweise schon. Wer sich in der Blockchain-Technologie auskennt, weiß, dass dies zuverlässig und zudem absolut sicher geschehen würde.“

Direkt zum ganzen Beitrag →

Das Magazin der IHK Rhein Neckar berichtet über Meminto

In der Ausgabe vom Oktober 2017 lautete das Titelthema “Kreativ gründen”. Als Teil des Themas wurde auch Meminto aufgeführt:

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Neue Geschäftsmodelle durch Digitalisierung

[…] Nicht nur im Bereich E-Commerce schafft die Digitalisierung neue Geschäftsmodelle, die Existenzgründer gerne nutzen oder selber entwickeln wie Albert Brückmann aus Mosbach. Er hat ein Unternehmen gegründet, das sich mit einem Thema beschäftigt, welches die meisten Menschen gerne meiden — den eigenen Tod. Mithilfe seines Systems “Meminto”, das er derzeit entwickelt, wird die Planung und Übertragung von (digitalen) Vermögenswerten möglich — und das über jegliche Grenzen hinweg. …


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We asked 140 people about their thoughts on digital life, legacy and death.

During the months of July and August, 2017, a survey was conducted on behalf of Meminto GmbH . 140 people participated in the survey which was created by Albert Brückmann, CEO of Meminto GmbH, Also, interested readers of the digital legacy community digital.danach in Germany participated.

The goal of the survey was to gain a deeper understanding of how people deal with death and dying in a digital age. 31 questions were asked within the areas of social networks and profiles. Furthermore, questions about digital assets and personal precautions were also asked. …

After more than three years of slow development, Meminto has started as a private beta in 2016. A pilot version, which was completed at the end of 2014, caught great interest among its early testers regarding the concept of an innovative, digital legacy manager in combination with an instrument that is able to determine the life signs of the user. For this reason the development began, leading to the beta start in July 2016.

The idea behind Meminto came about during one of my regular trips for work. In 2011, I was still working for Lidl Stiftung, In Germany…

Albert Brückmann

CEO of Meminto, husband & father of 3, speaker, passionated youth leader. Always learning, humbly. On medium, I write about meminto. Everything else on my blog.

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